We from the Stanica team are facing the largest catastrophe since our organisation emerged in 1998. Our S2 venue in cultural centre Stanica is burned down to ashes. It was a space created for TEH Meeting 69. Not only our venue was burned, together with it also our dream of independent and community space for art. The venue was lighted and fired from outside at night on 19th of May. For now we do not know exactly how the fire started. We do not want to conspire and prefer to collaborate with experts. Likely nobody was hurt, there was no event, the venue was empty, but the material damage is huge. In any case we need your help now. Any financial donation for the liquidation of fire damages is welcome – liquidation of the venue remains, heavy equipment hire (e.g. excavator, crane, containers), transfer of rubbish, renewal of technical equipment and surroundings, etc. Thank you very much, we appreciate your help!

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